Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Vote for Me

OK, so I was a bit bold and actually posted my wedding photos in a contest to be on a magazine cover. This is VERY VERY scary for me. Will I win? Probably not. These things are often a popularity contest, however, please be my friend and vote for me and get everyone you know to vote.

Bride Contest Link

I really think that our photographer did an amazing job and actually made me look movie star gorgeous (a tough feat) and this would give her some great exposure that she really deserves. My photos should be posted by March 26th at 3pm Mountain Standard time.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Have You Ever Noticed...

HOW the people who work at an animal facility are usually the happiest people?

They say that people who own animals actually live a longer life. I would think that factors such as daily walks, petting (which is stress relieving) and unconditional love would play largely into this supposition. I would also think that these factors would continue over to those who work with animals.

Today I dropped Daisy off at doggie day care and the two women who run the shop just seem like the most "with it" and peaceful people I have ever met. I have had this thought every single time that I have talked with them. This led me to reflect on the vets and other animal care takers that I have dealt with. They are all happy, calm and peaceful people.

So here is my theory: People who work with animals don't do it for massive amounts of money. There really isn't a lot of money involved in these business ventures. Those who work with animals do it sheerly because they LOVE animals. They honestly and truly enjoy what they do in life.

It is when we love what we do that helps us to love who we are.

A simple principle, but one we often forget.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Garbage Can Hustle

Here are pictures of the Garbage Can Hustle.

Here is how it goes. Let the puppy outside with two tween girls. Accidentally knock over the outside garbage can and watch the games begin. The dog will go after the garbage, the girls after the dog, the girls after the garbage. Wait, we have to control the puppy? Good luck.

It really is quite entertaining. These pictures just don't do it justice.

Saturday, March 14, 2009


How do you know when we watch far too much television?

Jessica handed me a paper that a boy at school gave her. It said,

"This is the paper that you could be saving with Geico."

Seriously...that's hilarious.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


I know that the official first day of spring is technically not until next Friday, but I just couldn't wait. My friend Lisa and I went and glitter gel toes-ed ourselves. That's right...springtime pedicures.

This was actually the first time that I have had even a quasi-professional pedicure and although it was a school and so they were a bit on the casual side in their professionalism, I fairly enjoyed it. Too bad I will have hobbit feet in only a few days; one of my genetic curses. I guess that just means that I will need to budget this in on a more regular basis. *wink wink*

Because we decided to go to the MATC school to have it done, it was a very reasonable price. We got a pedicure and the gel toes for only $21+tip after we mentioned the phone book ad that promised us half off one of the services. Not bad for a gal on a very strict budget.

AND NOW...I am ready to for springtime sandals. I think shoe shopping will have to be our next "Lisa-is-kid-free day" activity.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Foster Parents

I know what you are thinking. We are crazy. Well, you are right. We have taken in a foster puppy. She is a 4 month old American Bulldog who has never had any training whatsoever. And when I say whatsoever, I totally mean it. She doesn't know what "no" means and continues to wag her tail and do whatever when I say no. She has no potty training and has already peed once on my carpet in the less than a day that we have had her and she is into everything...and need I add to the list the little bodily noises and smells that come out of both ends of her? I mean...we've already got Todd. We don't need additional odorous noises.

The reason we have her is because of a trade my brother-in-law made. He was given this puppy to sell. It's a pretty good trade considering that she is worth about $1200. Shocking, I know. Unfortunately, they live in an apartment. I originally thought it would be fun to have a puppy in the house, but now realize that Daisy was a puppy dream compared to Georgia (she didn't have a name, so I named her).

She wasn't taken care of very well, hence the lack of training. Also, she is such a little muscle and Bulldogs are usually pretty low on the body fat percentage, but the poor puppy's ribs are definitely overly pronounced. Also, she hates to be outside because she was left out in a kennel in the snow. I have never met a dog who hated the outdoors before and am at a loss on what to do about it. It certainly makes potty training her extra difficult. It's definitely going to be an interesting experience.

She does love to be around me, so it does make it easier to watch what she is doing. However, it also means that it took an inordinate amount of time to write this post.

Oh, and have I mentioned that the traits of Bulldogs are:
-Fiercely loyal
-Full of energy
-Work dogs who require a lot of attention

I may have met my match, because although we have similar temperaments, we definitely have a lack of communication problem.

Anyway, here are a few pics of her...she is a cutie and also a pic of poor Daisy who is putting up with this intruder in her home.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Girls and Sports

Because of my overly generous chest, this is me whenever I do anything that involves jogging, running, bouncing or jumping. It is necessary, sadly enough and trust me, this is not a good thing.

Hello, my name is Andrea and I am a multiple sports bra wearer.

The reason that I share this with you (because I realize this is an overshare) is due to a recent event.

Just this week in our ward/neighborhood started a weekly game of indoor soccer at the church. This is fantastic since all the guys play basketball in the morning and this is my opportunity to join in something athletic. I am slightly better at running into people and kicking a ball than I am making a basket. Also, I have really been wanting to get involved in something to help me become more active again. Mind you, I only ever did gymnastics and dance while growing up. Sports with balls are not my forte as was discussed in an earlier post, but I am ready to get going and learn how to play.

ENTER multiple sports bras. Yes, this is not the best look for anyone, and it is hard for me to breathe, however, it prevents pain. Once again, why am I sharing this?

During the course of the game I kind of took over the goalie position giving it my best attempt to stop the ball. One of the times that the ball came at me, I went to grab it and felt something give. Believe it or not, my bottom sports bra has a clasp and it had come undone...or broken, I wasn't sure at the time. So I called a teammate in to play for me and I had Todd walk outside the church with me to see if he could just do it up again or if I needed to walk home and change.

And wouldn't it be just my luck that the one door that was originally open had just been locked unbeknownst (is that a word?) to us. We were locked out because we had left and reclasped my bra. We pounded on the doors to try and get someone's attention, but nobody could hear us. We jumped up and down and waved our arms hoping that anybody would look toward the doors and see. We ended up jumping up and down (clasp stayed done up) for several minutes, until the next game was about to start. Finally someone looked toward us and saw us waving our arms to get his attention. So of course...he waved back.

We eventually were let in and got to play another game or two and overall it was a fun evening. I will definitely be participating again. I might even figure out the rules.