Thursday, April 22, 2010

Kylie's Obituary

Last week, from the information that we could gather, my brother's widow, Kylie, walked into a gun range, checked out a gun, bought some ammo, then ended her life in very much the same way that my brother's life ended.

I'm still not certain how I feel about it. It is almost like a modern-day Shakespearean tragedy, without the prose. My initial thought was an emotionless, "Wow, what a waste." Then I moved forward.

I tried to find a way to make it to the funeral, but it just wasn't possible, so we sent flowers and a note. Then, I began to feel such sorrow for Kylie's dad, and that is when the tears came. This poor man has been through so much and watched his family spin out of control in a lot of ways. I ached for his pain.

As for Kylie. I don't know if it was part of the forgiveness process or just how I have dealt with the unresolved situation, but I don't really feel anything, not even regret. I just hope that now she can find peace, something I don't think she has felt for a very long time. I also know that Andrew will help her find that peace in death, just as he took care of her in life, only now, he will have more strength as he takes on her struggles.

Kylie Obituary

Kylie Fleming, age 25, passed away April 14, 2010 in Utah. She was born May 2, 1984 in Mesa, Arizona to Jeffrey and Erin Bell Fleming.

Kylie spent much of her early childhood in Mesa and attended Longfellow Elementary. She was the apple of her daddy’s eye and the joy of her family. Kylie moved to Orem, Utah in her early teens to live with her mom and siblings. After returning to Arizona at age thirteen, she spent some time living with her paternal grandparents in the pines of Strawberry. Kylie then moved with her dad to Gilbert, attending Gilbert High School and playing soccer. After high school, Kylie returned to Utah and found work as a lifeguard at Lagoon. There, she met Andrew Smith. Kylie returned to Arizona to live with her family for a while and began her work in retail sales and management. She found that her work ethic and desire to succeed served her well in the industry. Kylie lost her mom in 2003 and worked through that pain bravely. Andrew and Kylie were married in 2007. Her family witnessed a wave of peace come over Kylie that they had never before seen. When Andrew passed away, Kylie was again devastated by her loss. Her strong desire to survive and the support of her family seemed to sustain her. Most recently, Kylie has been in a long-term relationship with Bob Olsen of Utah.

Kylie was a loving daughter, supportive sister, caring granddaughter, favorite cousin, and loyal friend. Of Kylie’s many roles, she was deeply fulfilled in her role as big sister. She adored her siblings and felt a tremendous responsibility to take care of Zach and Stephanie from a young age. She was a thoughtful and loving big sister to Jenna, as well. Kylie was undeniably “Fleming” in her wonderful sense of humor. She had an uncanny ability to quote movie scripts and song lyrics. Countless family pictures show Kylie making silly faces or laughing hysterically. Kylie loved food. People would never believe how much she would eat given how remarkably tiny she was. In the past few years, Kylie took great pride in learning to cook. Kylie was a talented artist and loved to draw. She had an ear for music and was self-taught on the piano. Kylie enjoyed snowboarding, motorcycle riding and taking pictures of her friends and family. Kylie was an extremely passionate person with great capacity for love. She was a breathtakingly beautiful woman who turned heads wherever she went. Kylie’s twinkling eyes and radiant smile would light up an entire room. Her abundant hugs made those inside them feel loved and accepted. Kylie was, at heart, a happy go-lucky girl who found great satisfaction and fulfillment in helping others. Despite her many trials, Kylie awoke every day attempting to focus on the positive with admirable optimism and hope for a brighter tomorrow.

Kylie is survived by her loving family; her father; Jeff Fleming, her siblings; Stephanie, Zach and Jenna, her niece; Kenadie Fleming, her step-mom; Kathy Diggs, her grandparents; Gerald and Carolyn “Funny” Fleming of Gilbert and R. DerMont and Linda Besner Bell, her great grandmother Dorothy Fleming, her aunts and uncles; Harrell and Jennifer Boyster, Guy and Sylvia Fleming, Kevin Fleming and Jennifer Mallicot, Carrie Hinson, Jeff and Karen Bell, ChrisJohn Bell, Brandon and Audrey Bell, Chad and Susan Fullmer, by Jaynee Besner and 42 beloved cousins.

Kylie was preceded in death by her dear great grandmother; Georgie Irene Besner, her mother; Erin Bell Young, and her husband; Andrew Smith.