Wednesday, August 29, 2007


"When you die, if you get a choice between going to regular Heaven or Pie Heaven, choose Pie Heaven. It might be a trick, but if it's not, mmmmmmmm, boy."

~Jack Handy~

I'm pretty sure that pie is the closest thing to Heaven. Of course, pie is a major deal in my life. Pie is second only to ice cream on my list of all-time favorite foods. And if the pie is ala mode? *sigh* I know that everybody claims that their mom makes the best pie, but I am willing to take you all on when I say that MY mom makes the best pie. The secret is the crust. Hers is so light and flaky that I can eat the crust without filling. The only other crust I can eat like that is graham cracker crust. On top of this amazing crust that my mom makes, she makes and cans her own filling. Sweet apples mixed with cherries. There is nothing better. In fact, my brother used to ask for his very own pie for his birthday every year. He didn't want to have to share. A friend of the family drives up from Arizona just to eat my mom's pie. It is THAT good. That is why one of my life goals is to be able to replicate my mom's pie crust. Once you have the crust down everything else is easy. Right?

Now, a friend decided to have the most amazing party in the world. It is a pie party. I am so excited for it that I can barely eat in anticipation of all the glorious pie. I have decided to take advantage of this great opportunity to make my own pie crust (well, after my mom said she wouldn't do it for me). I will admit that I am scared. I don't want it to turn out badly. I guess it will be the true test to let others eat my pie crust. If it doesn't work out I will just have to hide it among the other pies and not claim it.'s to many pie making adventure and the wonderful, most inspired pie party.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Vroom, Vroom

There is really nothing better than the feel of the wind on your face as you drive down the road on your very own motorcycle.

OK, I've never actually experienced that because I have never owned my own bike.

Well, when I saw how much I can take out in student loans I realized that if I REALLY want to, I can take out a little extra and get myself the long awaited motorcycle. Of course, then I have to weigh all my options. I could take the extra money and invest it at a higher interest rate than the one that I will be accruing. That would be very reasonable and smart. How reasonable and smart do I really want to be?

Everyone thinks that when I get a motorcycle I will die on the road, and so I would never hear the end of it. However, if I don't get one now, when will I? Oh, the continual debate.

What do YOU think I should do?