Saturday, May 31, 2008

Have you ever noticed...?

Have you ever noticed how sometimes everything works out well and other times everything just seems to collide at the wrong time? Well, lately, life is a combination of those things. Todd and I decided to buy a house, but that would end up making our finances pretty tight until I get a job. Well, so many things have fallen into place with the engagement. I found a really cheap super fantastic dress, we found someone to rent Todd's house, the roommate thing with me has worked out exceptionally well, with all of us moving out at the same time, etc. Well, it also seems as though so many extra little financial things came up at the same time. Just the other day Todd's house got broken into and his laptop got stolen (yet another reason of why to move from West Valley). However, he HAS to have a computer for work, as do I. That mac time. We ended up going for the MacBook Pro this time. It didn't make sense to buy a new computer and not upgrade when we had plans of upgrading as soon as things settled down. Oi Vey, though. This whole money thing stresses me out. I am too much of my mother's daughter in some ways. Always the scrimper and saver.

In fact, I even scrimp and save for other people. Todd and I went and registered at Bed Bath and Beyond (apparently there isn't' actually a "Beyond" section) and I was sooooo stressed. We even registered for people still do that? I love the idea and I know it is tradition so we did it. It is beautiful, but everything there costs a lot of money and I was stressed trying to come up with things that people would actually want to buy for us (cost-wise), but also that we would need. I don't want to have to do the whole refund thing. Am I dumb in worrying about this? I think it caused me lots of undue stress yesterday.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Ok, so I am officially engaged. For you five I will share all the details.

Todd and I have been dating for about a year. Most of that time we were classified as friends...but we were dating. We met at a random waffle party at a mutual friend's house in the middle of the night. He told me I was pretty. I thought he was a creepy old man. Later we chatted, amidst others' interference. Turns out he wasn't creepy. Just old. Well, ok, just 7 years older than me. Once we had the opportunity to chat we became fast friends. He used to be a loner. I broke him of that habit. He tells me thanks for that. Now he always uses the word "we".

Todd has three kids, twin girls that are 10 and a boy who is 8, and an ex-wife who he is still good friends with. He used them against me. They are so blasted great. How could I not let my guard down? The kids are excited to call me their step-mom. That sounds so weird.

He also used his kids to propose. We had discussed marriage a lot, but hadn't let the kids in on it. We didn't want them to be devastated if it didn't work out. We decided when we bought a house that it would be a good time to tell them. We took them to the house, let them pick which bedrooms they wanted and while they were standing in their own rooms, we told them that those really were their rooms. I cannot even describe their excitement. Then they asked where my room was, or the guest room, rather. Todd handed his son the ring and asked him to give it to me. The girls saw what it was and asked if we were getting married. Todd said, well, why don't you ask her? I said yes. The kids said, "Andrea, this is the best day of my life." Todd just smiled.

The official date is August 16th in the early afternoon. Hold the date. All five of you are invited. Leave me a comment with your address. You'll get an invite.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Tagged---again, different round


I've been tagged by Tamaran, so here's about me:

A. ATTACHED OR SINGLE? Attached, still working on the very.

B. BEST FRIEND? Todd. Other than that, I'm cycled through according to other friends' marriages.

C. CAKE OR PIE? Pie. I mean, is that really even a question? Gotta love Mom's Cherry Apple Pie and Cherry Cream Pie.

D. DAY OF CHOICE? May 19th. Does it have to be a day of the week? Because my favorite day is my birthday.

E. ESSENTIAL ITEMS? Clothing. I would hate to be caught without any.

F. FAVORITE COLORS? Blue, at least for now.

G. GUMMY BEARS OR WORMS? Gummy bears. Gotta love the Black Forest ones.

H. HOMETOWN? Provo, Utah.

I. INDULGENCE? Ice Cream and French Fries. And yes, I do have to eat them together.

J. JANUARY OR JULY? July. Wakeboarding season.

K. KIDS? Maybe...we'll see.


M. MARRIAGE DATE? August 2008 is what is projected. We'll see.

N. NUMBER OF BROTHERS AND SISTERS? 2 sisters and a brother.

O. ORANGES OR APPLES? Apples, as long as they are in a pie.


Q. QUOTE? "Try to learn something about everything and everything about something."- Thomas Henry Huxley

R. REASON TO SMILE? When is there truly a reason not to?


T. TAG 5 PEOPLE… I'm ending this part of the tag.

U. UNKNOWN FACT ABOUT ME: I once dressed up as Fiona from Shrek for a movie body paint and all

V. VEGETABLES? Home grown tomatoes.

W. WORST HABIT? Falling asleep...anytime and anywhere.




Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Now What?

OK, the final countdown on my Facebook has finally ended and I have been officially graduated for over a week now. So, now I have to what? The job market is suffered due to a lack of job creation and there is only so much job searching you can do in a day. I have taken on a million projects to keep myself busy and will surely post my refinished dresser on here when I have finished. I am cleaning house and painting walls. I have seen more Home and Garden TV than any person should ever watch and am now very up-to-date on what is the latest in home styles and the cheapest most efficient ways to get those looks. Unfortunately, I can't put any of that to use.

I have had a few interviews. Some that don't pay well enough, some that aren't a great fit for me and one that pays well enough and that I would LOVE. It is in Lehi and is for a company called Living Young Essential Oils. I would be a product marketing manager and would help design new products, pricing and marketing. How cool is that? I only interviewed at the beginning of the week and am crossing my fingers in hopes of a second interview. I am hoping that everyone else will cross their fingers for me too. Well, all of the six people that read my blog.

Wish me luck!