Monday, June 20, 2011

It Only Took 3 Years, but...

I finally painted my front door red. It really pops now, and somewhat differentiates my house from the others in the neighborhood, well, except the house next door, which is also a red door home. Sigh...cookie cutter homes definitely have pros and cons.

We also cleaned out the front planter box and mulched. The previous owner had used river rock as landscape and failed to use weed blocker underneath, so we had to uncover layers of rocks that had worked their way down into the soil. This is not a feat for the light of heart.

All the rocks, you ask? They are now in the large firepit, ah, I mean trampoline pit. No more lighting entire standing Christmas trees on fire. The fire dept. will be ecstatic to learn of this. We are slowly getting the yard in shape. Now a sprinkler system to fix and we will have the basics done. I can't wait to actually start adding color and character to my yard.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Little Giant Mexican Cruise

Viva, Puerta Vallarta. One of the ports was closed due to political unrest, but our Freestyle Norwegian Cruise was fantastic. We went with our fellow coworkers (all who qualified) so we had company when we wanted and we went off and did our own thing when we didn't want to have to tag along with others. The entertainment was fantastic and the ports a lot of fun. Here are just a couple pics to show the fear in my eyes as I repelled down a waterfall and played on the beach in Cabo.

Spring Break

This year for spring break, Todd and I were working just outside of San Francisco, so decided to fly the kids out to CA. Our intention was to go to Six Flags Animal Kingdom and then head to Vegas to spend time with the kids' cousins. Of course, it wasn't until later (after purchasing tickets) that the park wasn't open while we were there, the pool at the hotel was closed and the Santa Cruz boardwalk was closed. Pretty much our entire plan was a flop. Thankfully, I have a LOT of experience with vacations not working out as planned. I laughed heartily, as I always do, and we made other plans. We went through the Jelly Belly Factory, spent time playing in the frigid Pacific Ocean and then drove through the night to Vegas where we spent time on the strip, hanging out with cousins and shooting. All in all, it ended up being a fun trip.

Oh, and please forgive me for not putting the pictures in chronological order.