Monday, February 28, 2011


We haven't updated the kids' pics on the wall for a while now, so after shooting Jenny's kids I had Kailey pose for a few. I'll have to get Jessica and Austin later when they are feeling better (they were sick that weekend). Ignore the bad editing. I'll fix it later, but I'm not sure when I'll post again.

Jenny's Catch-up Photos

Alright, these are pre-editing and I had some issues with lighting, so I have some color editing to do.

No Christmas Pics

That would be because we skipped Christmas this year. It wasn't worth the drama. All I have to say about that, is that the rules and schedules mandated by law were created for a reason.

ON the bright side, Todd and I flew out to New Hampshire on Christmas day and I got to meet my sister-in-law for the first time. She wasn't able to come out to our wedding with her family because of work. We had a blast and got there just in time for some fantastic snowy days spent by the wood-burning stove in a historical home. A lot of card games, movies and family time made for a great trip.

November Birthdays

Bad boys get underpants for their birthday. I bet you didn't know that. It was the theme of the month.

Todd is very happy because the top layer of his cake is not actually cake. It was a box made out of a Hershey bar and filled with hard candies. For a non-cake lover (yes, they do exist), this is the best kind of Birthday.

The candy cake, courtesy of Jenny. Usually we collaborate quite a bit more, but this one was all Jenny. Very creative and fitting. Oh, and notice the candles, that was me, not her. However, there is one candle-less hole in the cake. That happened after Todd's mom informed us that he was not actually turning 39...just 38. Apparently we had gotten a little ahead of ourselves without doing the math. On the bright side, I have an additional year to plan the big 4-0. Wow. Did I really marry someone that old?

Austin's 11th birthday and his football field birthday cake. Cake themes are easy when there are so many sporting themes to choose from.

And yes, bad boys get underpants for their birthday, just like I told Austin many times in the month leading up to his birthday. Second year in a row. Luckily, we brought out the additional presents afterward.

Thank you Benders for the random pic, which I found after downloading my photos a few months later. I laughed heartily upon finding it. I'm sure that Daisy has previously never had so many people in her kennel at once.

A Very Belated Halloween...

A last minute change from my deer costume, due to a lack of antlers in the store, meant that I got to be a kitty cat for Halloween. Anyone who knows Todd's love of cats can guess how much he enjoyed this particular costume.

Kailey decided that she wanted to be a nerd for Halloween this year. Check out the tape measure suspenders. Oh yeah, those were special order, baby...

After working on Jessica's zombie costume for dance (scroll down), Austin's costume also switched from being a werewolf to a zombie, as well.

Jessica's evening costume was as a rag doll. We debated making the traditional yarn wig, but the dyed hair turned out so much better and was so much easier to do.

Ahh, the traditional "Thriller" dance. We definitely had fun with the zombie costume, blood spatter and all.