Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Fiction v Real Life

I don't know what it is, the crazy warm, yet cozy weather, my soft snuggly bed, the homemade ginger cookies or the ready availability, but I have been reading fluff.  Lots and lots of fluff.  I possibly made it through 7 or 8 books over the weekend and have read a book a day after work.  I have self-inflicted headaches from reading too late and drinking too much caffeine to compensate.

I know.  I have gone overboard.  Don't worry, though.  I do this every once in a while.  Even in junior high, when my sister and I shared the guest room at my grandma's house, we would read all night, watch the sun rise and then get ready for school.

Why do we do these things?  I'll tell you.  This week, I have lived on farms, lived in several different time periods and countries, gone back to college, been involved in absolute silliness, and fallen in love a countless number times...a few of those with rugged cowboys.  How can real life compare to that?

REALLY?  How can life compare to that?  Just moments ago I set, yet another, book down, sighed and thought to myself, "I'm done with storybook part of my life; the moment you fall in love.  I'll never go through that again."  Then I realized how wrong I've been.

Recently my husband and I had a very candid discussion after having watched a movie where two friends spend years looking for love, finally find it in each other, and then the wife dies, leaving the husband lost in life.  (Why do they do this to me?  The reason I watch movies is for the happy ending!)

Though the movie wasn't as poignant as I thought it might have been, it made me ask the typical wife question, "What would you do if I died?"  It's not the first time I've asked it.  It probably won't be the last.  I sometimes gain perverse pleasure in asking Todd questions that I know he doesn't want to answer.  We were reflectively quiet for a moment before he wiped a tear away (yes, he is sensitive) and said, "You are my best friend.  I can't imagine what I would do if you weren't here with me.  What do you do when you lose your best friend?"  And I fell in love all over again.

Sometimes I have to be reminded that real life actually is better than fiction because it's real.