Sunday, August 28, 2011


This past trip, I had a chance to visit with some friends from college. I always enjoy seeing their little family grow, knowing that I play a great role in helping these two friends finally get together romantically and eventually to marry. I even helped Michelle pick out her engagement ring. This time while we were there, Todd and I got to shoot a few pics of their family.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Fighting with Fresh Fruit...A new way to make fruit salad.

The master weapons collector, Paul was the instigator of all fresh fruit wars...

His son, Sir Kyle of the Melon...

The fresh pineapple has finally met its match.

Mistress Brooklynn practices her lunge and parry with her dagger...

And the babe (Kyle's cute daughter) watches on.

A fruit salad, you say?


Now we shall feast...

Or be feasted upon!

Enough of this knife fight! Bring out the tommy gun!

This post was brought to you by Paul and Mel Mosher, who we visited in New Hampshire a few weeks ago. They have a fantastic weapons collection, so of course, we had to fight with fresh fruit.