Monday, May 30, 2011

Bottle Deposit

Because today is Memorial Day, Costco is closed, which means that I am in the greater Portland area with nothing to do and no obligations. This does not happen often. You would think that having 10 days off in a row (theoretically) that I would have plenty of days without obligation. Life just doesn't happen that way, so this unexpected break has been nice. I have spent most of the day either roaming Clackamas, OR and watching old black and white and technicolor movies on the Fox Movie Channel. I have missed getting my old movie fix.

I did manage to make it to the grocery store to load up with meals for the rest of my trip here, which is where I found out that they charge me a per bottle deposit, which I will get back when I take my bottles back into the store where there are big recycling machines specifically for bottles. I don't know how other people feel about this, but it really annoyed me. In fact, as childish as this is, my stubborn streak came out and now I am going to exercise my right NOT to recycle those particular bottles.

As far as recycling goes, I am for it. It just makes sense to reuse instead of creating more plastic. At home, we have a recycle garbage can that the city picks up every other week. I won't say that I am totally vigilant in using it every time I have a recyclable, but I am green conscious when it makes sense. The problem is, I am not always at home and so it doesn't always make sense for me.

The fact that I rarely use water bottles when I am at home makes a difference in how I feel about this particular law, as well. I usually will buy a case of water when I am on the road, so that I have something to drink, however, it doesn't always make sense to collect the empty bottles and run them to the store later.

I am also irritated that this is a law instead of the bottling companies. How much regulation will be imposed on us. How many rules or taxes will be created because somebody else knows what is better for me? How are they coming along on the sugar tax? or the french fry tax? Thanks, but no thanks. I prefer to keep my right to make decisions for myself.

Of course, what can I expect? I am in Oregon, liberal state where the freeway speed limit is 55 and a certain population of people conserve water by not showering. Pardon my facetiousness. There are a lot of great attributes, such as a beautiful coast line and lush green foliage. And of course, I do have some great friends who live (or have lived) here.

I am curious, however, about what other people think about creating laws like this?